Stora förvar
22 June 2021


Sound installation

Stora Förvar is the name of a cave on the island Stora Karlsö off the coast of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. This project explores the layers of time that embody a form that holds the hollow, the emptiness that invites us as living entities to step into the 400-million-year-old limestone. 

In the layers of soil in the cave’s floor there have been found traces of the seal hunters who lived here about 9000 years ago. These finds include bones, spearheads, stone axes, and ceramic vessels. There were also split bones from humans, probably cleaved because people wanted to access the marrow, possibly for religious rituals or cannibalism.

Felicia Sjögren uses sound to explore the coexistence of geological deep time and time of human existence in the various layers of organic material.

The installation was exhibited at The Gotland Museum April 2021.