Jag dricker vattnet ur mina händer / I Drink the Water From my Hands
6 October 2015


Experimental documentary, 10 min

Premiere Uppsala Short Film Festival 2020

When humans dug up the ancient time from the earth and set it aflame to harvest its power, other parts of the world caught fire too. I Drink The Water From My Hands is an experimental short documentary about the different stages of processing of the so-called climate crisis that arise inside a human being. From the overwhelming feeling of just wanting to scream, to therapy sessions, and protests in the streets of Paris as the Paris Climate Agreement was settled. Then back/onward to the Caledonian mountain range in the north. Outer and inner time travels coexist in the inevitable ongoing transformation.

Felicia Sjögren

Ingrid Moum Rieser

Ingrid Moum Rieser & Felicia Sjögren