22 January 2011


Felicia Sjögren (1990) is an artist working with sound and the camera image, born in Stockholm, Sweden and now living on the island Gotland. She has a background in ecoactivism where she spent over a decade working in different constellations of local, often anarchist, projects and actions of civil disobedience . 

Sjögrens work explores processes, the transforming movement between different phases of life in nonlinear durations. Her work is moving in the metaphysical realms, often exploring layers of deeptime and the relation between the human and non-human; going beyond the modern concept of a dualistic world.

In her imagery she moves between the surface and elemental layers of the physical form in textures and color. Her work with sound can be seen as part of the minimalistic, repetitive traditions using modular synthesizers, field recordings, organ and voice. Moving carefully through subtle nuances of timbre and tuning, and staying with tones, create a deepening of presence. The installations and performances often have a ritualistic quality where spatiality and acoustics of the room is of importance.


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